Our Mission

Our mission is to build a vibrant community that is encouraged to participate in asking and answering questions related to modern business.

About Us

Our mission is simply to create an online platform making entrepreneurs lives simple, regarding any of your business’s needs. Here at Its all Business, we give detailed answers to any questions our members have. Finding value in this community not only in potentially learning from other members, but in teaching someone something in this group, which is one of the best gifts to yourself.

Our Team

Travis Chapman


Starting this company in March of 2018, I wanted to create a website that assists small business owners achieve their marketing goals. Being in marketing and video production for over 16 years, while also working in the healthy & fitness industry. My networking and communication with this community is my primary goal. 

Brenna Currey

Community Manager

Hi, I’m Brenna Currey. I am currently completing my 2nd year majoring in Social Media and Marketing.I am always seeking to leverage my skills and network to grow in PR, marketing, and communications.I enjoy helping people find answers related to their business related questions.

Korynn Marsh

Community Manager

My name is Korynn Marsh and I currently am pursuing a degree in social media marketing at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. My passions for writing have led me to a career path in the social media world. While running my own lifestyle blog, I aspire to network with my surrounding community and make a connection with each and every person.

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