Welcome friend,

You are about to be a part of something monumental. You are about to witness one of the greatest revolutions that have ever taken place in all that we know of the modern world of business. In the next 12 years you are going to witness the continued meteoric rise of the self employed small business owner. Times are changing my friend…Long live the small business owner. 

Without going too futuristic and respecting your time I want to tell you about a trend you already know. Small, often single owner businesses are on the rise. Some out of desire and some out of need. These positions are also being exploited by large corporations. The 1099 is the golden ticket to avoid payroll taxes and benefits. If you have to go out on your own in the beautiful ocean of self employment…I want to offer you a boat. On board you might find a life vest, or you may just find some traveling companions. Either way, depending on your current circumstance I want to offer you support. 

I’m creating a platform to help people navigate business. Thank God I’m not doing it alone. If you have a challenge or questions, ask. If one of my contributors don’t have the answer I will hunt it down myself. Topics that come up often will be turned into videos. Videos that need more detail will be turned in courses. If you need a face to face you can come to our office or attend an event. We are solving the issue of small business support. 

Join the platform, participate in the conversation, help where you can. 

Thanks for being part of this journey. 

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Travis Chapman

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