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First off I want to say thanks so much for joining. I hope you will find a ton of value in this community not only in potentially learning from other members, but in teaching someone something in this group, which is one of the best gifts to yourself.

My Why

The reason for this venture is I have always wished I could find a place online to belong that was dedicated to productive conversations about small business. Solving actual problems. I know how challenging running a business is and I wish I had done things differently years ago with some different information. Not only that, but I wish I had a support group that I could ask questions too and find some common ground with. I feel like the future of the word is in small business and I want to be there to support them along the way.

Next Steps

Once you join you will notice there is really only a community section. It would mean the world to me if you can do these things.

  • If you can upload a picture of yourself as your avatar in the account section of your profile so we can put a face to your name.
  • Fill out some information in the account section so we can learn more about you. The more the better 🙂
  • Change your “Display Name” and “Nickname” to something that is useful.
  • Add a new topic in the Challenges section and tell us what your number 1 small business challenge is currently. 

Final Thoughts

I’ll leave you with this. I’ve always dreamed about the day I would do something so great I would feel comfortable being able to talk to people and give them advice or suggestions with absolute certainty because I had achieved greatness. That day never came. I feel just as unsure now as I did 15 years ago. The difference is now I feel like I know there is no perfect time to offer advice or try to help when you’re not labeled an expert. Even better I’m not trying to do it alone. I want to build a platform and network that would have helped me back then, and even today. We all need a hand at some point and the way technology changes maybe we always will. Participate in the conversations, share your experiences and help us reshape the landscape for small business. We are the future.

Travis Chapman

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